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About Me

A little bit of this, and a little bit of a grand effort to apply a label, my contemporaries call me a "Jack Of All Trades" but I'm not really sure about the "Master Of None" that goes along with that, because I am pretty good at brewing an excellent cup of coffee. And pie. I'm really good at pie.

I have spent a fair bit of time farming and ranching, trekking and traipsing, pushing my boundaries, learning and more learning. I am quite likely Canada's worst surfer, but since I grew up on the prairie far from the ocean, I give myself full marks for trying.

My world revolves around my love and appreciation for the animals and nature that have been my life. I drive my family crazy with my quest to experience things from the "non-boring" viewpoint (they call it "dangerous" - pooh pooh I say.) I have been known to ride the occasional horse.

I can string a bunch of words together to make 'em sound pretty good; I can take a decent photo. I believe in following your gut and your heart, that you can feel the fear but do it anyways, that life's too short to be taken so seriously. No, really.

Travel stokes up my fire, and I like to throw in odd little twists, like the Derby in 2012 just to keep the adventure alive. 

Other than that - aside from my winning personality and naturally curly hair, I consider my greatest asset to be my sense of humour. 

I am a work in progress - aren't we all? I never know how to sum these sorts of things up, so I suggest if you really want to know something about me just ask. 


I seem to move around a lot. I'm not really sure where I am right now, but it may be either in Alberta or on beautiful Vancouver Island, hatching a plan for the next adventure.